turkey gun pattering question?
2010-11-07 01:43:54 UTC
i just bought a Mossberg 835 Ulti- mag Thumbhole turkey gun with the 20 inch barrel and the mossberg ulti-full choke- it puts out one hell of a pattern at 30 yards. i tried all different kinds oI f turkey loads 3 and 3 1/2 the problem is its shooting high and to the left- i even put it in a shooting vise to be sure it wasn't me pulling the shot. i was just wondering if anybody else has this gun and this problem. i tried 3 inch Remington 4x6 , 5 Heavy shot 5 regular. i also tried Federal 3 1/2 5 shot and Remington 3 1/2 6 shot any help or suggestions would be awesome. it was tearing the cardboard all to hell just have to bring it down without compensating for it to really hammer it thanks for reading
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2010-11-08 15:05:42 UTC
Great shotgun, my friend has one and here is what he came up with. Look on-line and find a Star Dot Turkey Choke for your Moss, I cannot remember the constriction. His will put up 230- 245 pellets in a 10" circle at 40 yards with the Environ Metal Heavy 13 31/2" 21/4oz. # 6's. The greatest thing about a dedicated turkey rig is that they come with adjustable sights. It aims just like a rifle with the fiber optic sights. You can also get a halo or red-dot sight that will also make it more adjustable. My 870 will post 216- 225 in the 10" circle at 40 yards, I use the Primos Jelly Head with .665 constriction. No gobbler alive can survive this cloud of shot. Trust me, heavy shot patterns better than any lead or copper plated shot by a mile. It will not deform as some have suggested. Those #6's have the same shot density that lead #4's do with better penetration and way more pellets on target. There more an enough energy to kill a gobbler at 60 yds. I would never do that but it is possible, I limit my shots to 40 yds. Here is a descritption of how we test our loads.

Measure a distance of 40 yards. Your target should be a 36" x 36" piece of white paper, draw an aiming point in the middle. Fire one round. Draw a 10" circle around the most dense part of the pattern regardless of where the point of impact is. Test as many loads as you can afford. Compare those that you have against the Hevi-13's and you will see what I mean. You want a minimum of 100 pellets in that 10" circle at 40 yards to be effective.
2010-11-07 03:01:39 UTC
First you don't want to shoot heavy shot or steel out of your gun with a turkey choke,ask you gun dealer and he will explain why,I would explain but you wouldn't believe me and it would take too much time to explain. What I would do first is try a turkey load which is cooper jacketed #5 shot. The cooper keeps the shot from distorting (it stays round). If you are still not happy and it isn't pattering well. Put a aadjustable rifle sights on it. You can buy them at Di cks Sports, Cabelas, or probable at any gun shop. I have never shot a turkey beyond 30 yards and I think the best you may get is 30 to 40 yard, its a shot gun not a riffle. Besides much beyond that you won't have enough penitration to kill a turkey.
2016-12-04 10:39:19 UTC
First you do no longer desire to shoot heavy shot or steel out of your gun with a turkey choke,ask you gun broker and he will clarify why,i might clarify yet you does no longer have self assurance me and it might take too lots time to describe. What i might do first is try a turkey load it relatively is cooper jacketed #5 shot. The cooper keeps the shot from distorting (it maintains to be around). once you're nevertheless no longer happy and it relatively is no longer pattering properly. placed a aadjustable rifle factors of interest on it. you need to purchase them at Di cks activities, Cabelas, or possibly at any gun save. I relatively have not at all shot a turkey previous 30 yards and that i think of the suited you may get is 30 to 40 backyard, its a shot gun no longer a riffle. as properly lots previous which you will no longer have adequate penitration to kill a turkey.
2010-11-07 02:06:56 UTC
Try an HS strut turkey choke.

Not trying to kick you in the shin about the weapon but i owned one of those things and i traded it for a nikon scope just to get rid of the gun I was not impressed with it one bit.

Unless you put optics on it it will shoot where it shoots with the factory bead sights.

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